How to Encourage Your Daughter to Become An Engineer

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It’s no secret that the Engineering field is utterly dominated by males. For one reason or another, very few women aspire to become an Engineer. “The real challenges for reaching out to young women is to get over the stereotype that this isn’t something girls do and then to help them build their confidence,” states Betty Shanahan, executive director of the Society of Women Engineers, a national group based in Chicago.

In the latest stats released by the National Center for Educational Statistics, approximately 17% of the undergraduate engineering degrees awarded in the 2006-2007 school year were to female students. In an effort to help parents steer their daughters towards a career in engineering, we present the following. Hopefully, this information will convince some of the young women out there to pursue an Engineering career.

Engineering is a very exciting profession; one that encourages young women to be imaginative and creative in their careers. By studying for a career in engineering, you will learn how to solve complex problems by coming up with creative solutions that no one else has thought of. If you consider yourself an independent thinker with an analytic mindset, then you would probably make an excellent engineer.

A career in engineering provides unparalleled flexibility, when compared with other professions. One of the greatest advantages of a career in engineering is that it will afford you time to pursue the other things you love in your life. It will also afford you the opportunity to work with interesting people and explore interesting projects outside of the field. If you have a thirst for knowledge and experience, engineering is field of study replete with fascinating and brilliant individuals.

Engineering is also one of the most respected professions in the world, and a degree in engineering reflects a well-educated individual who has learned how to analyze and solve complex problems. For this reason, mechanical engineering jobs can open the door to countless career opportunities outside of the field of engineering. Engineering can serve as a launching pad for careers in government, law, business, medicine, design, architecture and more. Engineers make a lot of money, too. Additionally, few professions provide the stability and security of Engineering.

For girls, one of the most appealing aspects of a career in engineering is that you will be in a position to make a real, lasting difference in the world. Everywhere we look, examples of engineering can be seen. From designing safer cars and more accurate medical testing, to developing better pollution control systems and environmentally-friendly building materials, a career in Engineering will allow you to have a lasting impact and to help make the world a better place.


Ethical Standards in the Diamond Retail Industry

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I want to start off by pointing out that these are blanket observations, and are my own. There are many loyal, trustworthy, and honest individuals in diamond retail business and it is important to give them credit for their efforts to keep the industry ethical, and to keep hard earned consumer confidence. (more…)

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Facility Care Tips For Personal Support Worker’s

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Many personal support worker positions take place in what is primarily known as facility-based, which is basically any care that is non-home based. How’s that for a pretty broad definition? Narrowing things down a bit, we’ll focus on a retirement community style setting.

Each facility (again think retirement community) will obviously have its own set of rules and guidelines. However, some basic norms exist across many of these care facilities. Most of these norms are internally based, ie they are centered around how you control yourself in the environment. Remember, for the most part you are at heed to the environment itself. It is much easier to adapt to the situation than have it adapt to you.

Here are a few basic reminders and outlines for two main areas of facility care work that should help the overall experiences run smoothly.

Facility Environment Responsibilities

Frankly, some people will complain at the work load given to them in a home. “My co-worker (or boss) is laying all of the dirty work on me, etc, etc”. In the world of facility care, for better or worse, the nurses and supervisors run the show. This will almost assuredly leave you, the personal support worker with the majority of rudimentary tasks to complete. Whether this is fair or not is not the issue. This is simply just how things are done. While not always easy, you should make an consorted effort to adjust your actions and attitude around this fact. From personal experience, many of co-workers have tried to fight this. This just leads to tension and an unproductive workplace that is unpleasant to work in and more importantly, not as efficient (and perhaps safe) for the clients of the facility.

Scope of Practice

Similarly you must remember your “scope of practice”. While you may see something that needs a da fixing, you have to ask yourself is this within your jurisdiction.

Initiative is almost any other work setting is a big asset. In the health field however this could run you into some problems, perhaps legally, as your training may not meet the requirements of the care. Most workplaces will give you an outline of duties and responsibilities during the training portion of your employment. Still, you should consult this list or a supervisor before taking on anything that is in the grey area of care. This will help you protect yourself and the client.

I can’t make any guarantees. But if you apply either of these lessons to your daily facility care routine you and your clients should all benefit from a safer, more productive and hopefully happier work environment.


New Year Resolution to Lose Weight and Get Fit

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With the forthcoming New Year, many people make New Year Resolutions. The most popular new year resolutions are to lose weight, get fit, eat right and reduce stress.

All these four goals are actually intrinsically linked to one another. The lose weight, you must start to exercise more (get fit) and start to eat healthier, more nutritious foods to provide you with the energy required to be more active, without putting on even more weight. It is worth reminding you here that to lose weight may actually require you to eat a little more in the long term, assuming you do not exercise now. Stress can be caused by many factors, but generally people that feel that they are in greater control of their personal lives find it easier to control stress in their working lives. So being more confident as a result of being fitter and healthier can lead to a reduction in stress. So, how do you stick to the plan?

Let’s break the resolutions down, and look at each in isolation.

Lose Weight
OK, as already mentioned, to lose weight we merely need to increase physical activity and eat a healthier, more balanced diet. The best way to do this is to set yourself goals. If you know that your diet is not ideal, but are not sure exactly where you are going wrong, then you must keep a food diary for a couple of weeks at the start of the New Year. This will quickly highlight where you are going wrong. Make sure that you write down everything that you eat and drink during these two weeks. It is best to keep a note of when you eat too, so that at the end of the two weeks you will have a picture of your eating habits in the morning, afternoon and evening. Many people eat too much in the evening after a busy and stressful day. This is most likely going to be the area you need to concentrate on!

Get Fit
Getting fit is a life long goal for many people. So how do you stick to a New Year resolution to get fit? The best way is to set goals, write an exercise schedule (and stick to it) and keep a training diary.

Goals can be based on endurance (exercising for longer periods each session), strength (lifting heavier weights, or lifting more repetitions of the same weight), frequency (exercising more often, such as 3 times a week, twice a day). When setting goals, always set goals that are attainable. If you have not exercised for 5 years, then setting a goal of running 5 miles a day by the end of January, or running in the London Marathon in the Spring, will be very difficult to achieve. And failing your own goals does you no good regarding self esteem and motivation. So keep the goals simple. My personal goals generally include the following:

1. Exercising more each week (by attending an extra kick boxing class, or by going for a run at the weekends).

2. Lifting heavier weights – when weight training it is impossible to achieve this goal without a lot of hard work, so again I do not specify how much heavier the weights should be, but simply be happy if they are heavier after a month.


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Stay Young, Stay Beautiful!

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Shown durable mu-da always a dream of all women. What should be done to still look young?

Perfect Moisturizer

One cause of skin damage is sun effects, including wrinkles and dark spots. Protect your skin with a moisturizer that is good; addition to protect from the dangers of sun exposure, moisturizer should also be able to disguise fine lines and helps regenerate the skin.

Ingredients are recognized potent Pro Retinol A. Choose a moisturizer with a light texture so you can stay comfortable on the move. Use the complete series of moisturizer morning and night and eye cream in order to get maximum results, yes!

Do not Just Face

Often you use anti-aging moisturizer just around the face, neck but you also need attention! An aging neck can not be hidden, you know! Apply your moisturizer to reach the neck. Make sure you wear it with the movement of pulling up, yes. If you often wear tops with low cleavage or V, you also risk having chest black spots or excessive pigmentation caused by the sun. Also make sure you protect it with a moisturizer since morning.

Threats Around

Sometimes we do not realize that many activities can damage our skin, for example, is too often a hot shower. These activities can make your skin become dry because the oil needed by the skin lost hot water eroded. Use mild soap and do not use harsh fragrances. Some soap was found to make the skin becomes dry, you know!

Routinely, apply body lotion to your entire body after every shower. Too often in cold temperatures or air-conditioned air will make your skin becomes dry and aging. Use body lotion even when he was in the room. Your hands are the victims of the liquids are not as friendly as the laundry or dish soap, floor cleaning liquid and other chemical liquids. We recommend that you protect your hands with gloves when in contact with liquid.

Note Lip

Your lips dry and cracked? That’s a sign you are getting old lips! When age is increasing, especially when it reaches the age of 40 years, you will lose moisture and volume to your lips. Make sure you use a good lip balm (preferably containing SPF) so that your lips can keep damp.

Putihkan Teeth

Many drinks you realize that without leaving stains on teeth. Call it; tea, coffee, soda! Teeth that are stained, making you look older. Make your teeth white again in various ways: from the selection of toothpaste containing teeth whitening bleach to use on the market.

Eating What?

Watch what you eat. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water, vitamin C, complex carbohydrates and low fat foods can make your skin healthy and youthful. Get used to drinking orange juice or wine, yes! This drink contains omega 3 can reduce the effects of wrinkles or sunburn.

Do not Smoke

Smoking makes you look older, you know! When you smoke, oxygen in the skin so that wrinkles appear reduced. Collagen and elastin in the skin was so damaged. Skin become weaker and less elastic. Then you realize that the wrinkles in the mouth and eyes grow because of your facial movements when smoking?

Alcohol can also make you older. This happens because alcohol makes the small blood vessels in the skin become enlarged and increased blood flow in the skin surface. The more you drink, the blood vessels become

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Likes Using White Dress? 6 Follow The Following Rules

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Likes Using White Dress? Follow The Following Rules 6. All-white dress from superiors to subordinates being favored by the fashion enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this trend is very risky. One chose materials or solid match, can ruin the overall appearance. Here’s some points that you should know when to wear a white shirt.

1. Adjust the color of your teeth
Avoid using white clothing if your teeth are not very white. Why? Bright white dress can make the teeth look more yellow. To that end, adjust the color of your white clothes with his teeth. For example, choose white or off white ivory.

2. Choose a white Dress Not Invisible
Make sure you wear a white dress does not show off the ‘content’ of the body. When you are shopping for a white dress, check transparency by way of dress exposes to the light, put your hand behind the dress, then see if your hand is clearly visible through the fabric. If you can see the color and shape of the hand, then the dress will also show your body.

3. Avoid a Tight White Dress
White is not a color that will look good if you are too attached to your curves. Choose a white dress a little loose, lightweight, and hovering. The white color is a reflection of the summer, freedom, and gusts of wind, so make sure you use a dress that describe these properties.

4. Use Clothes In a line with Leather
Do not use colored clothes in colors other than white or skin tone when wearing white dress berpalet. Underwear with skin color will hide your private parts without showing off my underwear.

5. Use the Right Footwear with White Dress
In order not monotonous appearance, use a contrasting colored shoe. Beige, camel, brown, and gray is a suitable color choice. For a more daring, you can use the shoes of bright colors, like yellow, red or pink.

6. Use Accessories
In order to look not so ‘lonely’, wear necklaces and bracelets. Stone necklace and bangle bracelet made of white colored clothing is more exciting and not too plain.

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CLA Supplements For Health

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With all the weight-loss diets that you see on television now it’s hard to tell what’s real and what is not real when it comes to losing weight. Because most of those are looking for a quick fix reviewed into the hype that we see on infomercials and end up trying prescription drugs to lose weight even though they may not be safe for us.

But when it comes to your health it’s extremely important to only put things inside your body that are natural, and have been proven in clinical studies to not only be effective but also be safe. However the truth of the matter is many of these weight-loss pills actually do work, but what they do to your body in the meantime may not be worth it in the long run. This is why the CLA supplement is such an effective way for losing weight the healthy way.

Scientific research has shown that the CLA supplement is an effective way to lose weight by several different factors. Not only does it assist you in losing fat, but it additionally assist you in gaining muscle. Other studies have shown that a supplement to specifically target fats in your abdominal region, this is good news for anyone who has been faced with the difficult task of losing belly fat. Additionally, when you do lose weight the supplement will also help you keep fat off by assisting your body with turning the additional calories into muscle instead of fat.

When it comes to your health it’s important to make good decisions and not to put yourself at risk just so that you can look better. The CLA Supplement is a great combination of losing weight and staying healthy at the same time.