No More Dandruff

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Secrets charming hair without dandruff problem.

Hair is the crown for women whose every strand of beauty and cleanliness must be maintained. However, sometimes scalp problems such as dandruff, can disrupt and ruin the appearance as white flakes that stick around the head and fell unconscious.

According to dr. Farmanina Santoso, dandruff or scalp dandruff is a problem that was in the area of ??hair that is marked by itching and white squama can affect some or all scalp irritation and erythematous followed by mild to severe.

Dandruff occurs because the scalp experiencing levels of excess oil causing fungus Malassezia globosa growth and restirica Malassezia can cause seborrhecic dermattits or inflammation of the skin. Not merely because mushrooms have dandruff will appear on the surface of the scalp, there are many triggers for the white flakes are very disturbing appearance.

Some trigger ketomber:

1. Hair Care Products

Lots is currently a wide range of hair care products offered by various brands that are famous, remain cautious and cermatlah in choosing any hair care. Do a little research before buying hair care products such as hair type look at the background and the needs required by our hair. Do not be tempted by the promotion of unsuitable will need hair.

2. Consumption of fatty foods

In addition to lead to obesity, fatty foods will also trigger the growth of dandruff, because oil content contained in any fatty foods will stimulate the oil glands in the scalp to work in excess.

3. Weather and Climate

The weather and climate is very influential stimulate dandruff on the scalp. Symptoms of dandruff that often arises is itching on the scalp during the day, especially when it was hot and sweaty. The result is the release of creatine epidermal layer of the scalp which will then be attached to every strand of hair.

4. Unhealthy Lifestyle


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Hair Style Party

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Inspiration from the stage runway hairstyles to show your New Year’s party.

Fabulous Bun
Inspired by the Chanel fashion show for winter 2011, order style bun with a little hair hung down side is processed into more chic for dinner with your beloved family.

Chanel Fall / Winter 2011
1. Hair Pull the left side to the right, and then save it on the left or right ear shape like bangs extent.
2. Pull hair to the middle of the back, pull to the side opposite to the direction of bangs, then use a rope belt.
3. Having tied with rope, a form of hair coiled manner resembling flower petals. To be more neat, black-flops with tongs and spray hairspray.
4. For the front of the hair, if too long pull hair back with a little diplintir then flops to the back.
Chic Roll Up

Photo: Daniel Supriyono

Chic Roll Up

Hairstyles of summer 2012 fashion shows from Marios Schwab charming inspiring to attend the year-end banquet with friends. And when the roll forming hair, the face will look more fresh and charming.

Mario Schwab Spring / Summer 2012
1. Cut the hair in the middle, then drag it to the back, using hairspray to spray spruce.
2. Roll curly hair using hair iron or roll the rest of the hair in the back. Once formed for curly hair to the inside of the sphere.
3. Perform the entire rear section of hair, for a fixed, rear clip hair using tongs and hairspray semprokan.
4. The final step beautify the hairstyle using a black bandana.

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10 Favorite Books Featured Teacher in The UK

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen favorite books topped the list compiled by the British teacher, Times Educational Supplement (TES). The preparation is done by means of the internet poll of 500 teachers to mention the title of their favorite book.

In the second place there is the work of To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee and JK Rowling writing Harry Potter at number three.

TES editor Gerard Kelly said this” This list is a great piece of knowledge and entertainment.” Kelly stressed that apart from modern works of Harry Potter, the top 10 list is dominated by such literary canon Brontes works, Orwell and Tolkien.

literary achievement

Thomas Hardy, Dickens and Tolstoy are also included in this list, along with a number of books for young children such as The Gruffalo Julia Donaldson works, and the early work of Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Bethan Marshall, a senior lecturer in English education at King’s College London, said the achievement is often underrated literary picture book, he compares The Very Hungry Caterpillar with other successful literary writings Yann Martel, Life of Pi.

Dr Marshall said the” central storyline that ended up being a caterpillar butterfly may be considered more meaningful than the meaning of life is depicted in the book Life of Pi “.

This list also includes books for children older seperrti The Twits Roald Dahl’s works, including teen pop titles by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight and The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins writing.

The following list of top 10 favorite books of teachers in the UK:

1. Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen
2. To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee
3. Harry Potter series: JK Rowling
4. Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte
5. Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte
6. Nineteen Eighty-Four: George Orwell
7. The Lord of the Rings series: JRR Tolkien
8. The Book Thief: Markus Zusak
9. The Hobbit:

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4 Simple Thin Hair Care

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The cause could be due to thin hair when combing or pulling hair too tight when dry with a blow dry. Without realizing it, regardless of the scalp hair and too often it did not rule out the hair becomes thinner. As we know thin hair is the start of symptoms balding hair. Of course, it should quickly be avoided before it gets worse. It is unfortunate if it turned into a beautiful shiny hair thin hair.
Here are 4 simple treatment for thinning hair:

–  nutriment
Consumption of nutritious foods that contain lots of protein, because the elements of the hair protein. If less protein intake then your hair brittle and easily fall out easily. For that to keep hair healthy and strong, eat foods like eggs, fish, milk, cheese and lean meats.
–  Hair Tie
Binding / menguncir hair is too strong can lead to hair loss without the knowledge and being thin hair. Therefore, in menguncir hair using a soft fabric should avoid using rubber as a hair tie.
–  Blood Circulation
Perform a light massage on the scalp, this is to increase blood circulation. With the increased circulation of blood flow to the head can accelerate nutrients to the scalp so that hair grows normally. You can use stale tea while massaging. As expressed Steelsmith, decreased blood to the hair follicles causing hair loss. For that do head massages regularly at least 1 week.
– soybean
Naturopathy expert explained, one reason for hair loss is the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. To maintain testosterone levels, you simply consume soy. The thyroid gland can also cause hair loss, if you have a doctor check it.

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Got 5 Compulsory Clothing Type

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Instead of buying goods super trendy each new season, it’s better to buy a basic, then match with the little extras are trendy. Three stylist, Teresa Morisco of Wardrobe 911, Sharon Haver, Editor in Chief, and Kelly Machbitz, image consultant proposes five types of clothing must exist in every woman’s wardrobe so do not feel inferior. According to them, unified frontier of these dresses can be paired statement and wear to look good.

Dark blue jeans
Fitted jeans that fit your body shape will make the wearer look ultra attractive. Choose a dark color (dark wash) with a piece of straight leg or boot cut that will attract all forms of body worn on any occasion. A good pair of jeans, though expensive, would be a worthwhile investment for you, because it can be used over and over again and no one knows it’s the same pants (as long as you replace the equivalent of his superiors).

The right shoes
Cute and comfortable shoes that will be important in your appearance if you’re not confident. “High heel pump shoes classic black never die style and will look good with matching anything,” said Machbitz. For those more daring, high-heeled shoes with a slight appearance of snake skin pattern synthetic material will look attractive and also timeless.

The three expert performance has different tastes and suggestions. Machbitz favor body fitting white shirt that can be paired with a pencil skirt for work, or casual jeans for the weekend with the family. While Morisco choose knit tops from material that has a draping neckline detail (sag) because it fits with all body shapes. While Haver, preferring boss turtleneck cashmere smooth.

For superficial fashion, this performance experts recommend body-fitting jacket or blazer with a classic shape and avoid tredy details, so that you can wear as

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Yoga for Eyes, A Special Meditation

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If you want to use yoga for eyes there is a special meditation you can do. This meditation is specifically designed to improve myopia (near sightedness). We must, however, include the cautionary that success in the meditation depends upon the individual.

The individual must be at a certain level of awareness in Yoga. This is a tricky cat, because many people teach just the postures, and include little or even no instruction on how to handle the mind and spirit. Thus, a person might be able to do advanced postures, but still not have enough spiritual awareness to use the meditation to fix the myopia. (more…)

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